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PCB Kits

PCB Round Pads - available in standard (and custom) sizes ranging from 50um to 2mm. Pads almost always have a 400um tail for contacting to an existing trace. Both tail and pad sizes can be customized to any size, direction of lead and length.

Pads in the image are 200um diameter with 75um wide traces. Pads are plated with SnAg on 1oz Cu base.

Packaging is optional per customer requirements
PCB Round Pads (PRP)
Due to the large variety of pad geometries only rectangular and square pads are available off the shelf. Custom shapes and sizes can be fabricated within 5 days. Contact CVI for a current inventory list.

Pads in the image are a mixture of round, rectangular and square pads with 1cm leaders. Plating is thick gold but other finished included, NiAu, NiPd, NiPdAu, Au, Cu and SnAg.

Packaging requirements are specified by customer.
PCB Square Pads (PQP)
PCB repair typically require thicker base metal and larger geometries than die or substrate kits. Pads can be as small as 50um and as large as a few millimeters. PCB pads are made with 1 oz copper base metal compared to 1/2 oz copper of die and substrate pads. Straight traces are typical but custom shapes are capable as well. Typical finished include NiPdAu, NiAu, Cu and Sn plating.
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